Many thanks to Lena Miremonde for an excellent interview with Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt earlier this month.  Lena explored the origins of Dr. Breitschwerdt’s Bartonella research program at NC State University, the development of the BAPGM medium as a diagnostic tool, and the founding of Galaxy Diagnostics.

Interview with Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt, Lena Live Podcast, BBS Radio, January 2015

Also available through NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine:

In this podcast, Dr Breitschwerdt discusses:

  • the discovery of Bartonella in HIV patients;
  • the development of his research program on Bartonella infection;
  • the broad range of vectors implicated in transmission;
  • the clinical signs documented in cats, dogs, and humans; and
  • the development of the BAPGM medium and Bartonella ePCR.

Wonderful interview!  Check it out!!