Both animals and the people who care for them are at high risk for Bartonella spp. infection (aka bartonellosis, cat scratch disease, trench fever, etc.). Based on the emerging research, we suspect that many more animals, veterinary workers and pet owners are affected by bartonellosis infection than is currently appreciated. To learn more about the emerging research and clinical picture for animals and people, please see our free medical webinar, Understanding Bartonella.


Step 1 – Complete Animal Health Test Request Form.

Any licensed veterinarian can order our vet testing. Orders start with the submission of a patient sample for testing. For first-time canine orders, we recommend ordering both the Triple Draw Bartonella ePCR™ test panel and IFA serology panel. For feline test orders, we recommend ordering Single Draw Bartonella ePCR™ test panel and Bartonella IFA serology panel.

For further convenience,  you can also order our Bartonella testing through IDEXX References Laboratories’ online catalog with the following test codes:
Bartonella ePCR™ – #2601 canine, #3631 feline
Bartonella ePCR™ plus Bartonella IFA serology – #3688 canine, #3689 feline

Step 2 – Collect the patient sample. 

It is important to collect the sample as aseptically as possible. Please review our Specimen Collection Instructions for required quantities and appropriate containers. Multiple tests can be run off one specimen tube. We regularly test blood, tissue and various biological fluids. Please contact us if you have questions about sample type of specific preparations. Samples may be refrigerated or frozen prior to shipping.

Step 3 – Pack and ship the sample.

Samples should be triple packed and shipped following our Shipping Instructions for clinical samples. In order to prevent breakage or leakage, fluid samples should be securely wrapped in absorbent material and enclosed in a water-tight container or zip-lock bag. If possible, samples should be shipped with an ice pack or cooling gel to prevent exposure to heat above room temperature. Do not place packages in drop boxes. Please do not ship through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) because they not deliver packages to our location in Research Triangle Park, N.C. Please see FedEx or UPS for detailed requirements. DO NOT USE COURIER DROP BOXES.

Step 4 – Await test results and invoice.

Test turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, depending upon the test. Veterinary consults are available to support test interpretation. We will bill your clinic for payment. Please call us at (919) 313-9672 or email us if you have any questions regarding our pathogen and vet testing.

Shipping address:
Galaxy Diagnostics, Inc.
7020 Kit Creek Rd, Suite 130
Morrisville, NC 27560