So many people suffer from illness, negative symptoms, and discomfort, and this can oftentimes continue — simply because of an incorrect diagnosis. Our pathogen testing at Galaxy Diagnostics provides an opportunity for hard-to-test diseases and infections, which can offer further insight and potential answers for patients. Check out the patients who have benefited from our highly sensitive and specific pathogen testing for Bartonella infection.

Laura (22), Veterinary Technician

Prior Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder/Schizophrenia
Symptoms: vision loss, hallucinations, mood swings

Axel (2), Toddler

Prior Diagnosis: Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy
Symptoms: rash, sinusitis, light sensitivity, fatigue, joint pain

Lauren (34), Veterinarian

Prior Diagnosis: POTS, Fibromyalgia
Symptoms: dizziness, extreme fatigue, memory loss, aches and pains, impaired vision

Hans (20), Student

Prior Diagnosis: Hypotension
Symptoms: allergies, insomnia, headaches, light sensitivity, memory loss, fatigue, anxiety, depression

John (53), Veterinarian

Prior Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis
Symptoms: numbness, fatigue, motor problems

Sharon (49), Small Business Owner

Prior Diagnosis: Lupus
Symptoms: back pain, extreme fatigue, numb hands/feet, short-term memory loss

Joseph (61), Veterinarian

Prior Diagnosis: Asthma and COPD
Symptoms: headaches, fatigue, recurring fever, cough, hand tremors, memory loss