1. Welcome!

    Welcome to the new website for Galaxy Diagnostics! Stay tuned for our latest updates!…Read More

  2. Tick Testing for Tick-borne Diseases?

    Have you wondered what might be in that tick you pulled off your leg or off your dog?  Sometimes the least expensive approach to determining disease exposure is testing the tick you carefully removed and saved, just in case. We receive requests for tick testing services regularly. While we don’t do tick testing at Galaxy, there a few labs that do tick testing around t…Read More

  3. Cat Scratch Disease Findings from CDC study

    An important new study on Cat Scratch Disease (CSD) was recently published by researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the journal Emerging Infectious Disease. CSD is an acute infection with the bacteria Bartonella henselae and characterized by acute fever and persistent swollen lymph nodes. Based on an analysis of 9 years of private health insura…Read More

  4. What is Bartonellosis?

    Bartonellosis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria in the genus Bartonella. Bartonellosis causes similar disease manifestations in cats, dogs, horses, humans and potentially other wild and domestic animals. Popularly known as the key agents causing Cat Scratch Disease (Bartonellahenselae) or Trench Fever (Bartonella quintana), Bartonella species (spp.) are ve…Read More

  5. Severe Weather Advisory – Jan 21, 2016

    The National Weather Service has issued a severe winter weather advisory for NC and much of the eastern United States.  While we expect to be open tomorrow, Friday, Jan 22nd, we are advising our clients to NOT ship samples to Galaxy Diagnostics Thursday to avoid delivery delays. Please refrigerate and hold your samples for overnight shipment on Monday. Check here for …Read More

  6. Happy Holidays!! 2015 saw a lot of progress!

    Our lab will be closed Thu, Dec 24 and Fri, Dec 25, 2015 and Fri, Jan 1, 2016.  Please store any samples collected Wed, Dec 23 or Thu, Dec 31 in the refrigerator for shipment the following Monday. Great progress in 2015!! We saw significant advances in 2015 in Bartonella research findings and in awareness about the importance of Bartonellosis (Bartonella spp infection) …Read More

  7. Bartonella and Small Vessel Disease on People’s Pharmacy

    Excellent podcast on People’s Pharmacy!! Dr Neil Spector discusses some practical aspects of Lyme Disease epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment. Dr. Robert Mozayeni discusses potential links between Bartonella and Lyme Disease, as well as the diagnostic process for small vessel disease and chronic inflammation. Dr. Platts-Mills discusses alpha-gal antibody response f…Read More

  8. Unravelling the Bartonella Mystery

    The Better Health Guy (aka Scott Forsgren) recently published a well written article in the Townsend Letter on Bartonella spp infection (bartonellosis).  The article is called Unraveling the Mystery of Bartonellosis.  He included a list of the pathogenic species of Bartonella and a list of commonly reported symptoms from chronically ill patients who receive clinica…Read More

  9. Bartonella: A Multi-Systemic Health Concern

    Please join us in Cambridge, Maryland this month as Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt, Dr. Bob Mozayeni and Dr. Ann Corson present on the emerging science and new clinical understandings of Bartonella spp infection in both human and animal medicine. The conference is intended for medical professionals (technical content), but is open to the public. CME credits and certificates are ava…Read More

  10. Free Webinar: Understanding Bartonella

    Bartonella infections are increasingly implicated in complex chronic disease syndromes, yet are extremely difficult to diagnose accurately. The purpose of this webinar is to raise awareness about Bartonella; its prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Medical, veterinary and public health professionals will benefit from attending this webinar. Speakers include subject matte…Read More