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Now offering test options for tick-borne diseases including Lyme (Borreliosis)

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If you work with animals, you’re at higher risk for Bartonella infection, including cat scratch fever.

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A recent study published by researchers at Duke University and North Carolina State University found DNA from at least one Bartonella species in 28 percent of veterinary workers compared to none in the control group. That’s because the bacterium is easily spread by ticks, fleas and other insects, and by animal bites or scratches – all common in animal-care settings such as veterinary clinics, ranches and animal-boarding facilities.

Bartonella spp. infection can cause a range of diseases in humans and animals, from non-specific symptoms to serious diseases, affecting the neurovascular system, joints, heart and other organs. Bartonella spp. infection may be misdiagnosed as autoimmune disorders or tick-borne infections such as Lyme disease.

Conventional test methods for Bartonella spp. are limited in range and sensitivity. Galaxy Diagnostics offers a better approach to confirming Bartonella spp. infection in people with healthy immune systems: the Bartonella ePCR™ triple draw plus IFA serology.

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Our team of academic and industry scientists as well as clinical consultants are experts in vector-borne diseases including Lyme disease (caused by Borrelia burgdorferi) and Bartonella infections such as cat scratch disease (Bartonella henselae) and trench fever (Bartonella quintana).At Galaxy we provide:

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