A question that we often get is “Where can I get my blood drawn for your tests?”

If your physician is not local or does not have a certified phlebotomist on staff, it is still possible to get testing from Galaxy Diagnostics. Galaxy currently has a partnership with a company called Any Lab Test Now. If they are accessible to you, they can perform the necessary blood draws. See the ‘how to order‘ page for more information. Please contact the location directly to learn more about appointments and fees.

There are additional options if an Any Lab Test Now location is not close. We suggest that patients call local hospitals and draw centers to see if they can provide blood draw services. Also, there are mobile phlebotomists around the United States that are able to come to your residence and collect the necessary samples aseptically. As long as a physician orders the necessary test kit and ships it to your home address, the services listed below will be able to help with the blood collection.

Name Website
Kelly Rose Mobile Phlebotomist https://kellyrosemobilelab.wixsite.com/website
MyOnsite Healthcare https://myonsitehealthcare.com/mobile-phlebotomy-services/
PediaLabs https://mypedialabs.com/services/
Phlebotomy2GO Mobile and Training Center LLC https://phlebotomy2go.org/#
Travalab https://www.travalab.com/

*Please note that Galaxy Diagnostics currently does not have a partnership with these businesses. We recommend that you contact them directly if you are interested in learning more about their services and pricing.