Bartonellosis: Symptoms and Treatment

Bartonella are bacteria that are harmful, and can cause infections in humans and animals. At one point in time, it was thought that these bacteria, causing bartonellosis, only affected people or animals with a “mild, acute, and self-limiting illness,” according to In more recent decades, doctors have begun to recognize that Bartonella can result in chronic infections. Because Bartonella mostly live in the lining of blood vessels, it’s easy for them to recycle and repopulate within a mammal’s blood, leading to infections that continue and begin again.

If you think that you might have the symptoms that present in bartonellosis, the Bartonella testing options from Galaxy Diagnostics can provide you with answers. Medical practitioners can order testing from us directly, and patients are encouraged to check out our human health testing page for more information.

Order Bartonella Testing

Feeling sick from bartonellosis can be both frustrating and exhausting, but when you order Bartonella testing from Galaxy Diagnostics, you can at least get some answers. Even if you don’t end up having bartonellosis, you’ll be able to rule something out, and if you do, then you can seek the treatment you need. Contact us to learn more.