Big thank you goes out to the Center for Translational Medicine for organizing and presenting a series of webinars on Bartonella infection.

Bartonellosis: a cause of vascular inflammation and chronic disease in humans and their pets.

In this webinar series, Dr. Edward B. Breitschwerdt, DVM, and Dr. B. Robert Mozayeni, MD, present a two-part course for health professionals regarding the biology, diagnosis and treatment of bartonellosis.  A separate webinar will provide an introduction for the general public, especially pet owners, patients, families and friends.

  • Part One:  Bartonellosis – Biology, Transmission and Detection – Tues, October 8, at 6pm EST
  • Part Two:  Bartonellosis in Humans: Clinical Considerations – Tuesday, October 15 at 6pm EST
  • Introductory Webinar for Patients and the General Public – Tuesday, October 29, 6pm EST  

Bartonella bacilliformis was first described in Peru by Alberto Barton in 1909 as the key agent in Carrion’s Disease.  About 80 years later, new species of Bartonella were discovered as causal agents in Cat Scratch Disease and, shortly thereafter, as the key agent in Trench Fever in individuals with weak immune systems.

The latest research implicates Bartonella, the key agents behind Cat Scratch Disease and Trench Fever, in a broad range of chronic symptoms affecting multiple systems of the body – neurologic, rheumatologic and vascular.

Click here for a great summary of current state of knowledge from the National Organization for Rare Disorders.