Which Bartonella test method is best?

We get this question all the time.  Unfortunately, the answer is a bit complicated.  The current CDC-recommended standard of care is IFA serology testing or, in some circumstances, PCR.  However, both approaches are severely limited when it comes to atypical CSD (cat scratch disease) and other Bartonella sp infections.

So we made a chart to explain the differences compared to other test methods.  Here we explain the details in a chart comparing our more sensitive and specific Bartonella ePCR™ against other available methods.

HH Test Performance

In most instances, Bartonella ePCR is the most sensitive and specific test method for confirmation of Bartonella infection.  Additional sensitivity can be gained by serial testing of specimens collected every other day within a 5-7 day period.  We have published studies to support our claims.

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