We provide pathogen testing and other diagnostic testing services for clinical trials, epidemiological studies, basic research initiatives and new diagnostic test development, as requested by a variety of stakeholders including industry, civilian or military governmental agencies, academic and non-profit organizations. We offer both CLIA-validated molecular and serological assays and Research Use Only (RUO) pathogen testing for a growing range of zoonotic, vector-borne infectious agents, including Bartonella spp, Borrelia spp., Anaplasma spp., Ehrlichia spp., Babesia spp., and Rickettsia spp.

Contract Research Services and Partnerships

Galaxy Diagnostics offers pathogen testing services to research collaborators at universities and other biotech companies. Some of our recent research and testing partners include: Bayer Animal Health, IDEXX, Focus on Lyme, Duke University, University of Minnesota, University of Washington’s Center for One Health Research, One Medicine Institute, a few drug development companies, and many others.

Bartonella ePCRTM

The most sensitive diagnostic test available for the detection of active Bartonella species infection.

Bartonella ePCRTM Overview

Brochure – Overview of Bartonella Infection and Diagnostic Challenges

Bartonella Test Comparison Chart – Comparison of Various Test Methods.

Bartonella Alpha Proteobacteria Growth Medium (BAPGM)

BAPGM is our proprietary growth medium that we use to enrich patient samples prior to PCR for more sensitive and specific DNA detection of Bartonella spp. and other vector-borne pathogens.

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BAPGM Research References

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