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Bartonella alpha Proteobacteria Growth Medium (BAPGM)
BAPGM is our proprietary growth medium which we use to enrich patient samples prior to PCR for more sensitive and specific DNA detection of Bartonella spp and other vector-borne pathogens.
BAPGM Research References

Bartonella ePCRTM
he most sensitive diagnostic test available for the detection of active Bartonella species infection.
Brochure – Overview of Bartonella Infection and Diagnostic Challenges
Bartonella Test Comparison Chart – Comparison of Various Test Methods.


The most important bacteria you have never heard of.
What is Bartonellosis?
Bartonella Research References

Human Bartonellosis: Perspectives of a Veterinary Internist
Feline Bartonellosis
Canine Bartonellosis