For a more accurate diagnosis

Advances in molecular diagnostic methods have brought about important discoveries linking microbial infections to a broad range of chronic symptoms. First discovered and documented in the 1990’s as the key agents in Cat Scratch Disease, the bacteria Bartonella represent an important area of medical research in emerging infectious disease.

Our Bartonella ePCR™ test combines proprietary enrichment culture with highly sensitive PCR methods to increase the sensitivity of Bartonella spp. detection in patient samples. This novel combination of established methods overcomes the limitations faced by conventional test methods. We provide testing services to clinicians and researchers in human and veterinary medicine.

The secret to our increased test sensitivity is sample enrichment in our proprietary growth media — BAPGM (Bartonella Alpha Proteobacteria Growth Medium) — developed by leading researchers in zoonotic and vector-borne diseases at North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine.